Public Engagement

APS members value public engagement but some face barriers

APS contracted with the AIP Statistical Research Center to conduct a survey of APS members’ involvement, interests, challenges, and perceived value regarding public engagement in physics.

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Featured Public Engagement News

Op-ed: Scientists Shouldn’t Have to Choose between Public Outreach & Research

In Science magazine, APS Head of Public Engagement Claudia Fracchiola, PhD, calls on the physics community to provide equal support to public outreach efforts.

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Physicists To-Go

Bringing Real Physicists to the Classroom

Physicists To-Go is a program designed to bring real physicists to classrooms across the country. The goal is to increase science literacy and inspire young minds to develop a passion for science. Sign up to become a Physicist To-Go or sign up to have your classroom paired with a physicist.

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Supporting Teachers to Encourage the Pursuit of Undergraduate Physics for Women

Drawing on research evidence, STEP UP will mobilize thousands of high school physics teachers to reduce barriers and inspire young women to pursue physics degrees in college. The goal is to increase the representation of women amongst physics bachelor’s degrees and begin to shift deep-seated cultural views about who does physics.

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The aim of PhysicsQuest is to introduce students to the basic concepts of physics, through fun experiments that will sustain their interest in math and science. Whether for your science class, home school group, science club, or after-school program, PhysicsQuest can be a valuable tool to spark that interest.

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Wiki Scientists Course

Elevating the Visibility of Minorities and Women Physicists on Wikipedia

With approximately 500 million views a month, Wikipedia is one of the most popular and best-known websites in the world. However, you may be surprised to learn that fewer than 18% of the biographies on the site are about women. APS encourages you to take an active role in raising that percentage. Give a voice to the voiceless and impact your field by applying to our upcoming Wiki Scientist Course, Highlighting Women and Minorities in STEM on Wikipedia. Dates will be announced shortly.

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Science Trust

Equipping physicists with the skills necessary to address scientific misinformation

Scientific denial and misinformation are rapidly approaching a boiling point and affecting our work-potential, future funding, public opinion, and the wellbeing of society. The last few years have presented unique and complex challenges on misinformation and disinformation with regard to issues such as COVID-19 and climate change.

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Joint Network for Informal Physics Education and Research (JNIPER)

Connecting people involved in designing, facilitating, or studying informal physics learning activities and programs

Joining the JNIPER Community allows you to learn effective ways to engage with the public on physics topics and to assess and advocate for your informal physics education work. In addition, JNIPER members will play a role in shaping the direction of public engagement in physics.

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Public Engagement Webinars

The APS Engaging the Public through Science series is focused on communicating science and physics-based issues to our communities. Watch videos of past webinars for topics of interest.

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Why Study Physics

Want to Know How and Why? Learn Physics

Are you 5 years old? 105? Want to learn about physics or share physics with others?

Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science.

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