Becoming a Physicist

Why Study Physics?

To Know the How's and Why's
If you have a passion for understanding how things work and enjoy scientific experiments and mathematics, then you should study physics. Physics is the foundation of modern science and has fascinated people of all ages. Let it fascinate you.
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Middle School/High School Students

Middle school & high school students interested in physics.In our Middle School and High School section, discover more about the diverse and rewarding careers that physicists undertake. Learn about special opportunities which can expose you to the fascinating role that physics plays in shaping modern technology.
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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students studying physics.Learn about specific skills and experiences which can prepare you for the most common physics career paths in our Job Prospects section, and browse through our library of working physicists to hear about their challenges and advice for students. You can also access an array of statistical information about physics employment through our statistics pages.
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Graduate Students & Early Career Physicists

Eric Sorte, postdoc at George Washington University.In our graduate student/early career physicist section, you can find links to a multitude of resources on the APS Careers site—from webinars on network building and resume writing, to the APS online job board. Whether you're a first year physics grad student, months away from writing your thesis, an international student or early career scientist, this is your one-stop shop for tools and advice to help you land your first physics job.
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